Carla Pownall

Oven-to-table ware 7 ft high bamboo tree, any number of stalks and sizes
Part od Dinner Service
Stoneware Bowls Goblets and Jug
Assorted stoneware pots in speckled off-white glaze Tray with three pots for breakfast
Stoneware by Carla Pownall

Stoneware Pottery

I make a variety of tableware, high-fired to 1260 degrees C. The glaze is drawn into the surface of the pot which, at that temperature, is vitrified in that it becomes ovenproof as well as dish-washer proof and will not easily chip, as does earthenware pottery which is fired at much lower temperatures.

Sizes of pots

Stoneware teapots can be any size.
Mugs, jugs, plates, bowls, etc. can be made to order in any size.

The bowls can be made to nest neatly inside one another, as a set.